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Processor: PPC/Intel MHz
Others: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
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Typeset 3.0.2 19/10/07 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X

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Choose the right fonts

Cyril Roger

  • Easy to find what you need
  • Quickly preview fonts
  • Print list of fonts
  • Can crash if you try to load too much fonts

Typeset is a brand new product for Mac OS X that lets you discover the perfect font for your presentation, logo, or design. With Typeset, you'll never have to spend valuable time searching for the right font ever again.

Typeset is a font viewing tool designed with both home users and creative professionals in mind. It lets you easily view and organize your font collection, to find the best font for your project. You can change the styles, instantly search for a favorite typeface, display more details about a font, or even drag and drop font files to the Finder. All of this can be done in an elegant and straightforward user interface.

Typeset 3 was designed to be the easiest and fastest solution to find the perfect font for your project. Typeset doesn't get in your way - we've minimalized Typeset to do what it does best, and only show extra features when you absolutely need them. You'll quickly discover that Typeset 3 fits your workflow perfectly, no matter what type of project you're working on.

Typeset plays well with the powerful tools already in Mac OS X including Font Book and the font panel in other applications. All collections that you create in Typeset are shared across the system, and with one click you can bring up any font in Font Book. Use Font Book to install or activate fonts and Typeset for quickly browsing them, comparing fonts side-by-side with font favoriting and ultimately finding the perfect match.

While Apple's clunky Font Book lets you quickly manage your fonts, previewing fonts together is next to impossible. Typeset is miles ahead of Font Book in both speed and ease of use, making it a convenient side-kick for font freaks. Font Book for managing, Typeset for viewing!

Typeset 3 can preview any font, installed or uninstalled. Simply drag a font or folder of fonts onto Typeset and you'll be given an instant preview of the typefaces within it. Never install unwanted fonts again!

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